Is it a Hostel?


A Hotel?


Urban Campsite?

Whatever you want it to be…….It’s Home!!!

Choose your room type from Luxury suite to Rooftop Camping

Private Rooms and Rooftop Camping 4 and 10 person Dorms Common Areas and Kitchen

Bro, friend, therapist…

Our friendly bi-lingual staff at Nomada is a pretty talented one, and sure to make your stay the most enjoyable!

Additional Amenities Will Enhance Your Stay!

Free Wifi Free coffee and tea Air conditioning in all rooms Linens and covers for beds Lockers available (locks sold separately at reception)

Nomada Philosophy/Mission

Nomada philosophy is to share the Nomadic experience with our guests in hopes that they too will ‘compartir’


or ‘share in return’ their good vibes.


However you are looking to integrate into the Latin Caribbean culture,


Nomada staff members are here bring out the best of that endeavor.